Experimental project of the day: Transforming a portrait into a recreation of a wetplate print.




After Photoshop CS6 processing:



Do you like photos with vintage processing? It’s always a debate. Some people consider find the idea of reproducing old print techniques in digital format rather ridiculous. I tend to like creating a new feel or atmosphere by reproducing aspects of analogue prints. Weigh in in the comments!


What do you do when you find out you live near an actual deserted island? Go adventuring and take lots of pictures of course! I must admit that the photography was a good distraction as well. You can only cross to Shady Island at low tide and I was VERY anxious that the tide would come up and strand us there! But we survived and will definitely make a return trip.


And this is the moment that he turns five and I stand back in surprise, unsure how the long days turned into such short years. The change is subtle, but startling. His face has changed in the past year and hints at the teenager he’ll become. He looks grown up, yet still exudes a small boy’s sweetness.  Happy birthday to the most energetic, curious, and fun-loving boy I know.


The holidays were pretty busy with family and visits and way too much food. But in the midst of it all I had the opportunity to take some really fun photos of this lovely family from Sydney Australia, who were in the Vancouver area for Christmas. We were hoping for a snowy backdrop, but the weather didn’t quite cooperate. They had to settle for a more typical, soggy Vancouver shoot instead!




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